Amy E. Sims

Amy E. Sims

Vice President of Marketing

Amy knew she was destined for creative and entrepreneurial endeavors from a very early age. Her first entrepreneurial ventures consisted of hand-lettered calligraphy wedding invitations, convention name tags, and store sales posters. Possessing a love for the written word, the precise and detailed nature of drafting and architecture, and the creativity and art of persuasion, she decided to pursue a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas.

During her undergraduate years, she began working for Dun & Bradstreet, first as a Support Analyst explaining credit reports and financial statements, then as a Customer Service Representative, and finally in Technical Support. She continued her career with D&B while she obtained her MBA with a focus in Marketing, during which time she served on multiple committees contributing to departmental salary and job recommendations, performance quality improvement for major customers, and leading several project initiatives to improve internal operations of the Technical Support Center. In addition, she created a database application that merged two data collection processes together, resulting in a considerable time and resource savings for management. She then supervised the Testing Team for D&B’s number one revenue generating PC-based software application, accepting and/or rejecting Beta and final releases as well as providing recommendations to Product Development and Marketing.

Upon completing her MBA, Amy moved on from the corporate environment to serve as the Marketing Director for Go Media, a boutique design firm in Austin. When it was bought by Excite, she turned to the entrepreneurial endeavor of consulting with her husband, Linden. Beginning with a major 9-month project for the legal division of AT&T, and ending with database development and reporting for Nu-Kote, (and Ian), Amy spent 5 years with Simsolutions as a consultant and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

After taking off 4 years to devote time to two babies, service through her church via children’s crafts and a mission trip to Haiti, the need to create led to her learning the art of lampworking, or glass bead making. Combining this with a previous hobby of jewelry-making turned into a full-time business, Amy Sims Designs. She has taken her art to upscale juried shows in Ohio and the Atlanta area and now maintains her ecommerce shops at Etsy and on her own domain site. From her 10+ years of experience with creating glass beads and jewelry, marketing them, selling them, and running an ecommerce business, Amy has had first-hand experience with the evolution of marketing and advertising.

Now she balances her life between two teenagers, two Siberian cats, volunteer work with the school and community, lampworking, and the website development and marketing needs of E&S. She will never turn down a glass of pinot noir or a discussion of the definition/origin of a word. And one day she will get caught up on her scrapbooks.