Free Business Tools

Tools to help guide you on your path to transformation.

A series of three eBooks on the Imaging Supplies Industry.

Book 1: The Path to Business Transformation

A comprehensive study of the imaging supplies industry focused on a strategy for small independent dealers to achieve growth in revenue and profits.

Book 2: The $20 Billion Growth Opportunity

A new look at the imaging supplies industry in the context of the industry consolidation and mergers endgame.

Book 3: How the Aftermarket Industry has Failed the Resellers

A critical look at the aftermarket office supplies leadership, its failure to understand the digital transformation, and the impact that’s now having on its reseller community.

Proprietary Business Projection Model

Click here to utilize our proprietary business projection model. It will demonstrate a path for growth and profit potential that can be achieved in the office products channel on the back of an integrated business platform suitable for the 21st century digital environment.

Free Information Technology Scorecard

Download our proprietary information technology assessment.  Select answers from pre-populated drop-downs and develop your own task list and priorities for implementing a fully integrated software platform.

Once an integrated technology platform is established then start to have some fun transforming a business leveraging technology and personality.